Constantin Werner

Prince, n’enquerez de sepmaine
Où elles sont, ne de cest an,
Que ce refrain ne vous remaine:
Mais où sont les neiges d’antan?

Nay, never ask this week, fair lord,
Where they are gone, nor yet this year,
Except with this for an overword,—
But where are the snows of yester-year?

François Villon (1431-1489)

Constantin Werner's first feature film Dead Leaves had its premiere at the 1998 AFI International Film Festival in Los Angeles. The same year it received the award for Best Feature Film EXPO 1998 at the Figuera da Foz International Film Festival in Portugal. In 1999 it was screened at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival in Argentina, the Gothenburg International Film Festival in Sweden and the Beta 2.0 Film Festival in Berlin.

The film was sold to distributors in the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Benelux, Hungary, South East Asia and South Africa.

Dead Leaves was released in the US by Cult Epics/RYKO/Time Warner in May 2005 to overall enthusiastic reviews:

"This is a beautiful-looking film ... with a baroque sense of shadow and color. Sadness seems to ooze from every frame..."
(Gregory S.Burkart/Monsters At Play)

"The film is well done and engaging throughout... a high quality film about a disturbing subject."
(David Carter/Film Fanaddict Magazine)

"...striking, a stylistic reflection on eternal love versus sudden death."
(Alfons Engelen/Film&Televisie/Belgium)

"A brooding, grungy film poem. DVD Rating: Good."
(Mark Richard Hasan/Told You So Productions)
"... an exciting union of the European narrative tradition with the raw, more direct American style. A debut feature with great ambitions, which does not avoid the unpleasant."
(Bengt Toll/Swedish Film Institute) 

"...DEAD LEAVES dares to show the unpleasant and the profound."
(Mats Slado/Stockholm Observer)

"...a meditation on the furthest reaches of obsessive love and personal pathology..."
(Lael Loewenstein/Variety)

"....a true discovery, distrurbing and impressive."
(Marcus Stiglegger/Ikonenmagazin)

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